For this assignment, I was tasked to make a computation of production cost based on the materials used, the labor and the profit of a product that I made — a reference of costs that I have to consider before putting a price tag on the things that I will market for my prospect consumers. Here I learned that I have to consider a lot of areas not only the amount of materials that I’m going to be spending or the amount I am earning, but also the time and labor put into every garment and what my target market is going to be, how much are they willing to spend for this garment and what is the probability of it selling.

Here I made a moodboard, a color story and design ideas for my desired garment and I also made the garment myself. I made my own textiles through photographic and silk screen printings, I cut and sew it all together to create a crop top. The main idea and concept of this design is about empowering self love.

My ideal market are high fashioned millennials who are advocates of depression awareness and advocates of unity and togetherness. The designs I have in mind are also very androgynous and universal, hence, the colors I chose can be worn by either female or male, and even the LGBT community. Here is the example together with the production cost calculations.

2textile finals color storyWSIGNUntitled-1


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