Production Standards : Parsons x Teen Vogue Assignment

Since I am an Asian living in America, the sizes that would fit me and my physique would be around the small-medium area around size 5 to 7 is my best fit. In this research, I have compared the sizes of clothes from one store to another, and one design to another; Here, I have concluded that the sizes not only matters based on the consumer’s physique but also based on the style and design on the clothes and how one prefers to wear them. Like for example, me, I am a size 5 and I perfectly fit the said size, however, I am a person who likes her clothes more loose and bigger than my fitted size, therefore, I went for a size 6 or 7, and still look like that certain piece of clothing is my size. These are some circumstances in sizes and through my research, it matters depending on the type of person that is going to wear the product and his/her preference.


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