what tokyo so long?


Allow me to make up for my 7 month long hiatus, school has taken over my social life to explain it briefly. Anyway, In the middle of the term our school conducted a “field trip” for us Fashion Design and Merchandising majors in the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan.

November 8, 2015 is definitely a date I would like to time travel back to; I may be a little late at sharing this post, but as the saying goes : It’s better to be late, than never. So, here I am feeling all giddy documenting this experience as I tour you around through some postcards me and my college friends took in Japan.


The moment we arrived our hotel which was in Shinjuku (Shinjuku Washington Hotel), we immediately went to fix our stuff in our designated rooms, then straight to the concierge to ask for a map. We were lucky that everything’s a couple of walks away from our hotel. But, we ended up not following the map putting all our trust to wherever our feet takes us.



So basically here’s the part where I felt like a real alien in Japan; It was my first time to use Japanese Yen and it was quite hard to pick which food to eat because of how it’s written. So here I am relying on the photos, deep inside crossing fingers not to pick anything spicy. Luckily, I got to pick a really nice dish without any spice in it. Also it’s really cool to try ordering food, paying food and getting my change from a machine! Props to Japan’s innovative technology! :–)


No wonder why Japan’s deemed to be the City of Neon Lights, the streets were filled with neon and led lights making every corner photo worthy!



In Downtown Tokyo, every corner has a vendo machine for refreshments which I personally find very convenient since most people here prefer walking than driving/taking a ride. It’s a good thing that we were given the privilege to spend our first night here in Tokyo by ourselves, we get to explore Tokyo freely without restrictions aside from “be back by 12 AM”.

We spent the entire night shoe hunting since Japan offers very cheap prices for shoes compared to our country and my friends were able to get a really great deal. Here’s to 4 more nights of long walks, until my next post! 🙂


Sporting the inner Japanese in me, here I am wearing UNIQLO from head to toe, and my jet black Doc Martens to finish the look.

Hope you guys enjoyed my Day 1 post! Stay tuned for more 🙂


Love, Aly



Out In The Woods

image Ever since me and my high school friends graduated, we tend to have very little time to hang out like we used to. And since it’s summer already, we decided to go on a little escapade to make up for lost time. Instead of going for the “beach” idea of summer, it was a unanimous decision to go somewhere that smelt foreign. Evergreen canopy of pine trees and foliage surrounded the area swaying in sync with the wind and the view of it got us so engrossed to the idea of wanting to prolong our stay.Though, I had to admit, I didn’t enjoy swimming in ice cold waters as much as they did (hehe). Still, it is definitely a place we’d love to revisit soon. Without furthur ado,  I think it’s best to let my postcards of the trip speak for itself. image image image image image image image As much as we detested leaving this place so soon, we were grateful for this little time we got spent together and that’s what really mattered. With love, Aly. Email: alybtsta@yahoo.com

What’s Up, Buttercup?


Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of sunny weathers — not that I’m complaining, but I am more amused looking at raindrops falling outside my windows. But, summer heat is inevitable and even if the sun gets cruel at times, I’ve gotta embrace its flaws. So I spent half of the afternoon outdoors (specifically the tennis court) amidst the heat with a very talented friend of mine, and we somehow ended up taking photos. (:

May 3rd 2015, I turned another year older and I immensely want to start my nineteenth year with something different and new. I’ve always been head over heels at the thought of blogging; but my train of thought would always be clouded with school plates and the pressure of having to maintain an average GPA. So I figured, since I’m having four months of vacation, why not try? ^_^

Crossing my fingers, I hope you guys enjoy my first entry and I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to lay down cards about myself because I’m really bad with those (awkwardly bad) — I’ll probably just say my name, age and school but that would be too cliche. So I’m thinking, why not maybe break the ice by throwing random questions at eachother? I guess it’ll be a more fun and less boring way of getting to know eachother. Don’t you agree?

With love,




Beige Sundress: Kashieca, Denim Jacket: The Circus Market, Shoes: Marithe Fracois Girbaud

Photographed By: Nea Mangaliman

E-mail: alybtsta@yahoo.com