Parsons x Teen Vogue Assignment : Your Product

IMG_2837.JPGHere I used the fabric that I have in my swatches. I still used the same color scheme of Black-white to create this sleek and minimalistic bag. I always believe in the saying “less is more”, that’s why I stuck with this very simple tote bag which can be used not only as my signature brand bag, but also an everyday bag anyone can easily wear with anything.


1497575318839Here is a mock up sample of my signature bag for my brand, Luna Studios. I wanted it to be in the shades of Black, so I experimented with grey, black and white. In this sample, you can easily see the brand name in a simple signature font, the bag is very simple, sleek and minimalistic – a good representation of what the brand is all about. Also, for the straps, I originally wanted it to be in ribbon, however, I feel like the rope effect of the strap adds more personality in the bag and it won’t easily tear up.I used cardboard paper in making this sample.

Production Standards : Parsons x Teen Vogue Assignment

Since I am an Asian living in America, the sizes that would fit me and my physique would be around the small-medium area around size 5 to 7 is my best fit. In this research, I have compared the sizes of clothes from one store to another, and one design to another; Here, I have concluded that the sizes not only matters based on the consumer’s physique but also based on the style and design on the clothes and how one prefers to wear them. Like for example, me, I am a size 5 and I perfectly fit the said size, however, I am a person who likes her clothes more loose and bigger than my fitted size, therefore, I went for a size 6 or 7, and still look like that certain piece of clothing is my size. These are some circumstances in sizes and through my research, it matters depending on the type of person that is going to wear the product and his/her preference.





Based on the interior of the shop, it is very obvious that there is a theme that they follow, like it’s inspired by rich people who are into gambling with horses or sports games — at least based on my observation. They chose very sophisticated colors and symbols that looks very royalty giving its buyers some sort of a “one-look” judgement that the items they are selling are more than a $100. Through this, they can easily point their target market towards their direction — good marketing strategy.


2marketingI based this marketing/advertising graphic based on the mood of my collection : They are not you; Individuality and Advocate for self love. I personally believe that the saying alone can easily attract the market online especially now that everyone’s coming out and are vulnerable to individual struggles. It’s a good marketing, but the main goal of this collection is really to reach out those who want to reach out and be part of something that helps the community and individuals who struggles to find their uniqueness and love in whatever situations they are in. Through this, we can help fund organizations that helps these people to get help and medication and support which I think is what fashion today should be, a helping tool.


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 8.47.14 PM

I haven’t been around the “blogging” scene since 2015, due to personal reasons and I haven’t been able to keep track of my viewers since then. However, part of my Parsons x TeenVogue course is for me to learn and study my audience. Looking at this graph back in 2015 (when I was still active), I can see here that my main audience is from my home country, Philippines, followed by countries I didn’t expect to have readers from. I’d like to believe that these readers are just like me, deemed in a sense that they are interested in reading things that interests/interested me, such as fashion, lifestyle, traveling, and reading blogs as if they are reading through a girl’s diary. With that said, I’d like to believe that my readers are also a reflection of myself, there might be differences, but I think we are all united in terms of art — my viewers are artists, aspiring artists, or enthusiasts.


For this assignment, I was tasked to make a computation of production cost based on the materials used, the labor and the profit of a product that I made — a reference of costs that I have to consider before putting a price tag on the things that I will market for my prospect consumers. Here I learned that I have to consider a lot of areas not only the amount of materials that I’m going to be spending or the amount I am earning, but also the time and labor put into every garment and what my target market is going to be, how much are they willing to spend for this garment and what is the probability of it selling.

Here I made a moodboard, a color story and design ideas for my desired garment and I also made the garment myself. I made my own textiles through photographic and silk screen printings, I cut and sew it all together to create a crop top. The main idea and concept of this design is about empowering self love.

My ideal market are high fashioned millennials who are advocates of depression awareness and advocates of unity and togetherness. The designs I have in mind are also very androgynous and universal, hence, the colors I chose can be worn by either female or male, and even the LGBT community. Here is the example together with the production cost calculations.

2textile finals color storyWSIGNUntitled-1